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Interior Decorating Surfaces

Interiors, surfaces and furnishings.

The design of your interior, the furnishings that bring you comfort and the surfaces you live with define your lifestyle and form the underlying foundation of your home. Whether updating your existing look or starting with a blank canvas, we can work together to give you the look and style that best meets your lifestyle.

Interior Decorating Custom Draperies

Colors, fabrics and textures.

Colors, fabrics and textures define the personality of your home and set your style. Color choices can make the biggest difference in your home and instantly make an impact. With the right fabric and texture choices for your window treatments and furniture upholstery, you can turn average rooms into the talk of your neighborhood.

Interior Decorating Accessories

Accessories, lighting and accents.

Nothing puts the finishing touches on a home like the accessories that adorn it, the lighting that sets the mood and the accents that put the finishing touches on it all. Whether it is working with your own treasures or mixing them with new (or just ‘new to you? we can make any room unique, personal and endlessly interesting.

Interior Decorating Den

Pulling it all together.

The art of any great design is defining a great look and putting all the pieces together into a cohesive look, whether that involves meshing multiple styles or uniting the ‘old?with the ‘new? into something that fits you. The end result should be a unique design that provides the interest, contentment and comfort that a home should offer.

Interior Decorating Home Staging

Redesign to Sell.

Help your home sell more quickly and for more money by designing and decorating your home to appeal to the widest possible audience. Let me help you identify the unique features of your home that should be accentuated and how you can make simple changes to broaden your home's appeal.

Interior Decorating Free Consultation
Interior Decorating Contact
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